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Recently, we learned that the new Jerusalem was 12000 stadia in length, width and height. It represents 12000 Jews from each of the original 12 tribes of Israel that accepted Christ as savior. Most Jews did not. Also, the gentiles (non Jews) that accepted Christ throughout the history of the world will live here.

Now let’s study the size of 12000 stadia. Converting to miles, 12000 stadia is about 1380 miles. That is 1380 miles in length, 1380 miles in width, and 1380 miles in height. This is equivalent to half way across America, from Canada to Mexico, and 1380 miles into the atmosphere. That is 7,286,400 feet upward. If a single story is 12 feet high, it would be 607,200 stories. It is possible that gravity doesn’t exist and we can travel up and down as well as sideways? To be sure, the new Jerusalem is enormous with enough room for all believers.

Another possibility, 12000 stadia or 1380 miles is about the size of the middle east. This is the area Apostle John was aware of and it represented the entire world. Therefore, the new Jerusalem could represent the entire new earth. If it’s not the entire new earth, who’s to say we can’t travel outside the new Jerusalem to the rest of the new earth?

Thank you so much for studying. God bless.