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CONCLUSION:  In the book of Job we read about the behemoth.  This creature best resembles the
Brachiosaurus dinosaur.  We also read about the leviathan.  This creature has no equal on earth.  It best re-
sembles the Spinosaurus dinosaur. 

According to the scriptures and according to the archeological evidence, dinosaurs lived with man.

Although no one is completely sure how dinosaurs became extinct, the following theory is consistent with the bible.

According to Genesis 1:6-7, there was a water layer that surrounded the earth.  As the suns shortwave radia-
tion passed through it, the radiation would be diffused or scattered in many directions.  A greenhouse or tropical 
environment was created over the entire earth.

With the protection of the greenhouse or tropical environment, plants, animals and people lived healthier, 
longer and grew much larger.

Because of mans wickedness and corruption, God sent his judgement.  He collapsed the water layer around the
earth causing the flood of Noah.  All living creatures on the earth were destroyed.  Only the dinosaurs  
from the sea and those on Noah’s arch survived.

After the water layer collapsed, the suns harmful shortwave radiation hit the earth in a more concentrated fashion.
The north and south poles no longer received heat and became cold and covered with ice.  This change in the
earths geology killed most of the remaining dinosaurs.  Also, pressure differences occurred, causing  
hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes, etc.  This killed many more dinosaurs.  Lastly, man hunted and killed 
some of the dinosaurs.

A final note.  Some dinosaurs are still alive today.  For example, alligators, crocodiles, rhinos, hippos, elephants,
whales, lizards, snakes, etc.  Because of the collapse of the water layer, these animals don’t live as long or as large
as they used to.

Next week we will begin “sleep.”  What does it mean in the scriptures?

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



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Welcome.  As we have read in Dinosaurs 12, most dinosaurs were killed during Noah’s flood.  Some sea dinosaurs
and those in Noah’s ark survived.  How did the remaining dinosaurs die and become extinct?

With the collapse of the water layer that surrounded the earth, the protection from the sun’s short wave radiation
was gone.  Heat was no longer diffused evenly around the world.  Now the suns heat was concentrated around
the center of the earth as it rotates.  What we call the equator.

As time went on, the north and south tips no longer received the suns heat and became cold and full 
of ice.  The north and south poles experience six months of continuous darkness.  Thousands of feet of ice would
be deposited in the polar regions, freezing and fossilizing plants and animals very quickly.  This is probably what
scientist call the ice age.  This change in the earth’s geological features killed most of the dinosaurs that
survived Noah’s flood.

As time went on, pressure differences occurred and electromagnetic effects occurred.  This caused hurricanes, tornados, vulcanic erruptions, lightning storms, etc.  These things also led to the extinction of
many dinosaurs.

Lastly, some of the dinosaurs were hunted and killed by man.  This is illustrated on some archeological pictograms.  See Dinosaurs 7 and 8 to view some of these pictograms.

A final point.  Some descendants of dinosaurs are still alive today.  For example, alligators, crocodiles, rhinos,
hippos, elephants, whales, lizards, snakes, frogs, etc.  Because the lush, tropical environment that covered the
earth no longer exists, most of these animals don’t live as long or grow as large as dinosaurs.

Next week, the conclusion to dinosaurs.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.


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Continuing from Dinosaurs 11, what happened?  What destroyed the water layer?  What changed the earth and
killed the dinosaurs?

Because of mans wickedness and corruption, God sent his judgement and destruction upon the earth.  
He did this by bringing the flood of Noah upon the earth.

Genesis 7:11 … on that day all the springs of the great deep (ocean floor) burst forth, and the floodgates of the
heavens were opened.  And rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights.

The floodgates of the heavens and the rain for 40 days and 40 nights could have been caused by the
collapse of the water layer that surrounded the earth.  

Genesis 7:20  The waters rose and covered the mountains to a depth of more than twenty feet.  Every living
thing that moved on the earth perished- birds, livestock, wild animals, all the creatures that swarm over the earth,
and all mankind.

Genesis 7:23  Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out;  men and animals and the creatures that
move along the ground and the birds of the air were wiped from the earth.  Only Noah was left, and those with him
on the ark.

The dinosaurs that lived before the flood were destroyed.  But as we have read in Dinosaurs 1-4, the
behemoth and the leviathan lived after the flood.  They lived in the days of Job.  How did they survive?

The above scriptures tell us that the flood killed every living thing on the face of the earth.  But many of the 
animals that swam in the sea survived.  One of these was the leviathan dinosaur.

Other dinosaurs that lived after the flood, like the behemoth, were brought aboard Noah’s Ark.  He
could have brought baby dinosaurs or eggs to save space.

Next week, how did the remaining dinosaurs, after the flood, die and go extinct?

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.


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To review, we have read that the earth was once surrounded by a layer of water.  This layer of water diffused the
sun’s shortwave radiation, causing a greenhouse or tropical environment over the entire earth.

The layer of water prevented extreme climate differences.  The layer of water prevented overexposure to the sun’s
harmful shortwave radiation.  Therefore, the layer of water prevented rapid genetic changes within the 
chromosomes of cells.  The aging process was very slow.  Plants and animals lived longer and grew
larger.  Let’s look at the archeological evidence that supports this theory.

Fossils of cockroaches have been discovered over one foot in diameter.

Fossils of dragonflies have been discovered with wingspans over three feet.

In the Sundance Canyon, near Banff in Alberta, Canada, fossilized clams have been found over two feet in length.

Nuatiloid shells, in the Canadian Rockies, have been discovered that are nine feet in diameter.  Today they are no
bigger than a couple inches.

Fossilized remains of the hornless rhinoceros indicate it was over 17 feet tall.

Beavers grew to the size of pigs.  Pigs grew to be the size of cattle.

Deer antlers measured 12 feet in width.

Huge birds reached 11 feet in height.

Reptiles grew to enormous size.  We call these reptiles dinosaurs.

Genesis 5 tells us that man often lived much longer than man of today.  Adam lived 930 years, Seth lived 912
years, Enosh lived 905 years, Kenan lived 910 years, Mahalalel lived 895 years, etc.  Modern man only averages
78 – 80 years and a maximum of 120 years.

Next week we’ll explore what happened?  What destroyed this layer of water?  What changed the earth?

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



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Last week we read that the earth was once surrounded by a layer of water, causing a greenhouse or tropical
environment over the entire earth.  Let’s look at the archeological evidence that supports this theory.

Fossilized palm trees have been discovered on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Fossilized remains of tropical forests and gigantic fruit trees were discovered in the New Siberian Islands, north of

Fossilized palm tree leaves that are ten to twelve feet in length have been discovered in the Spitsbergen Islands,
north of Norway which is next to Sweden.

Fossilized forests with tree trunks over three feet in diameter have been discovered near the South Pole, which is
normally blanked with snow and ice.

The fossilized evidence of tropical trees and forests discovered in the cold and snowy climates of  
today suggests that the earth was once entirely tropic.

Next week we will continue with the fossilized evidence that animals grew much larger in the young tropical earth.
The following week we will read what destroyed the water layer.  What changed the earth and killed the dinosaurs.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



Welcome.  No one knows exactly how dinosaurs became extinct but let’s read one possible theory.

The bible tells us the young earth was different from the earth of today.

Genesis 1:6-7  And God said, “Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water.  So God
made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it.  And it was so.

These scriptures describe a wall of water that surrounds the earth above the sky.  As a result, the earth
was protected by a layer of water which produced a greenhouse or tropical effect.  A greenhouse or tropical 
environment over the entire earth.

As the pictures above illustrate, shortwave radiation(more intense) from the sun would pass through the layer of
water and be diffused or scattered in many different directions.  The shortwave radiation would be trapped inside
the layer, creating radiated heat similar to a greenhouse or tropical effect.  A greenhouse or tropical environ- 
ment over the entire earth.

The layer of water that surrounded the earth was useful in filtering harmful shortwave radiation.  Without this 
layer of water, unequal heating of the earth’s surface would take place, causing extreme climate
differences, pressure changes and wind extremes.  This is the condition of the today’s earth.

In today’s earth, exposure to shortwave radiation without being filtered is harmful to life.  It can cause genetic
changes within the chromosomes of the cell and cause the acceleration of the aging process.

With the protection of the water layer surrounding the earth;  plants, animals and people would live healthier, live
longer and become much larger.

Next week, we will read the archeological evidence that the young earth was tropical and that plants and animals
were much bigger than they are in todays earth.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.


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This week let’s continue reading the archeological evidence that dinosaurs lived with man.

In Utah, the North American Anasazi Indians, lived between 150BC and 200AD.  On a stone wall was found a
brownish image that looks like a Brontosaurus dinosaur.

In the American rain forest there is a wall with an etching of a dinosaur surrounded by human hunters.

In the jungle of Cambodia are temples and palaces from the Khmer civilization.  The Ta Prohm temple abounds
with gray statues and detailed wall carvings.  They depict familiar animals like monkeys, deer, parrots and lizards.
However, one column contains a carving of a Stegosaurus dinosaur creature.  You might think this image is a
rhinoaurus but a rhino doesn’t have spiked plates on its back.

In 1924, an excavation near Tucson, AZ uncovered a sword with a Brachiosaurus dinosaur depiction.

Also, in the 1990’s, North Carolina State University, Mary Schweitzer discovered blood vessels in the bones of a
Montana Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur.  She found an area of the bone that was still soft and contained blood cells.
Personally, I believe this would be impossible if dinosaurs are 65 million years old.  I believe dinosaur fossils are
thousands of years old and dinosaurs lived with man, as the bible describes.

Next week we will read a theory of how dinosaurs went extinct.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.