Old Testament 41

Posted: April 7, 2017 in Old Testament
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CONCLUSION 4:  Continuing from last week, Moses and more than one million Israelites were free and left Egypt.

The Pharaoh and his officials changed their mind and went after the Israelites.  They went after them with an army
of chariots.

At the Red Sea, God separated the sea and allowed the Israelites to pass through.  The Lord held off the
Egyptians until the Israelites were safely through.  When the Egyptians passed through, God threw them into con-
fusion.  The water flowed back over the Egyptians and drowned the entire army of Pharaoh.

At Mount Sinai, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments by which to live.  On their way to the promised land,
God told Moses and the Israelites to build a mobile tabernacle.  This is where animals were sacrificed to symbol-
ically take the death that was due mankind.  The back room “Holy of Holies” is where Moses and the High Priests
listened and spoke to God.

When the Israelites reached the Promised Land, they were afraid to enter and attack the people of Canaan.  As a
result of their disobedience, God kept the entire Israelite generation in the desert for forty years.

After the forty years, the Israelites entered the Promised Land.  Moses and Aaron were not allowed to enter. 
It was Joshua who led the Israelites into the promised land.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



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