Old Testament 33

Posted: February 9, 2017 in Old Testament
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Last week we read that Solomon was the third king of Israel.  He was responsible for building the Temple of God.

After Solomon’s death, his kingdom was torn in two.  The Kingdom of Israel in the north and the Kingdom of Judah
in the south.  Both Jewish kingdoms practiced idolatry.

God sent prophets to admonish the Jews, but they refused to change their ways.  Because of this, God did not
provide peace and security for the Jews.

In 722 BC, the northern kingdom fell to the Assyrians.  The Kingdom of Israel came to an end.

Almost one hundred and fifty years later the southern kingdom would fall to the Babylonians.  The Temple of God
was destroyed in 586BC.

2 Kings 25:8-9  “In the fifth month…  Nebuzaradan, the captain of the bodyguard, a servant of the Babylon King,
came to Jerusalem.  He burned the House of the Lord, the kings house, and all the houses of Jerusalem, every
great house he burned down.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.




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