Noah’s Ark 12

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Noah's Ark
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Fantastic sun rays striking through clouds. Graphic effects are applied for a more dramatic image

Welcome.  This week let’s read about the Tar Pits of La Brea located in the midst of Los Angeles, California.
These tar pits are over 450 miles long.  Over one million bone fossils have been dug out of the pits.  Also, 231
species of vertebrates (having a backbone), 159 species of plants and 231 species of invertebrates (no backbone,
starfish, snails, octopuses, etc.).  The animals in the tar pit include bears, saber-toothed tigers, giant wolves,
llamas, camels, horses, ground sloths (now extinct), bison and birds.

Because the tar pits are often covered by water, dirt and leaves, some archeologists believe these animals wander-
ed in, became trapped and died.

Although the saber-toothed tiger and camels are thought to have lived in this area before the great flood, the fossil
bones do not support the “wandering in” theory.

The majority of the skeletons were NOT found connected together as if they wandered in and sank. 
Instead, the fossil bones were found broken, mashed, contorted and scrambled together.  They reveal   
that the bones were ensnared by violent circumstances.

This archeological site supports the idea of a great flood, killing many plants and all of the animals.  
The mighty waves of the flood scrambled them, creating a fossil deposit of animals from all over the

Next week, the Siwalik Hills of the Himalayas.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.


  1. candcspop says:

    Jeff, it boggles me that Christians (and I not only consider myself a Christian but a disciple of Jesus) don’t believe that the world is as most scientist have concluded, much, much older than 100,000 years old, rather close to 4.5 billion.
    I am aware that there are several theories around the discrepancy behind biblical timelines/genealogies and what science tells us, but I also think that the ones that flat deny what science has all but proven do nothing to promote the gospel in the long run.
    I would be interested in your point of view on this matter, understanding that it is not of importance as it concerns our salvation, but rather is a subject that interests me as a human living in a lost world.

    • Hi Joe. I do believe in science but in some instances scientists have made assumptions that were not proven. The instance of fossils being millions of years old are made from faulty dating methods. Here are just a few of many examples:

      Lunar soil from Apollo 11 was dated by four radio metric methods. They had four different results dating from 4.6 billion year to 8.2 billion years old. A difference of almost 4 billion years is no accurate method. A separate sample from the same area was dated with potassium-argon technique. The results were 2.3 billion years old. That widens the accuracy gap even more.

      A lava rock that was known to be formed in 1800 and 1801 in Hawaii was dated by potassium-argon method and shown to be 160 million to 3 billion years old. Very inaccurate.

      Carbon 14 method was used to date a living mollusk at 2300 years old.

      Carbon 14 method dated freshly killed seals at 1300 years old.

      I still choose to believe those who have mapped Adam and Eve ancestry and came up with the earth being closer to 10,000 years old. A lot can change in 10,00 years. Just look at the difference in the last 100 years. From 1915 to 2015 we have gone from horse and buggy to automobiles, airplanes, sky scrappers, satellites, people living in space, televisions, smart phones, etc.

      Joe, thanks for reading. I only hope to cause people to think and grow their faith as it appears you are doing. I’m sure I make mistakes. Your comments did make me recheck my research and I realized that saber-toothed tigers probably did live in the North Americas (a tropical Earth) before Noah’s flood. I made the correction on Facebook and in the blog.

      Thanks for the comments. Blessing s to you.


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