Dinosaurs 14

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Dinosaurs
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fantastic rays

CONCLUSION:  In the book of Job we read about the behemoth.  This creature best resembles the
Brachiosaurus dinosaur.  We also read about the leviathan.  This creature has no equal on earth.  It best re-
sembles the Spinosaurus dinosaur. 

According to the scriptures and according to the archeological evidence, dinosaurs lived with man.

Although no one is completely sure how dinosaurs became extinct, the following theory is consistent with the bible.

According to Genesis 1:6-7, there was a water layer that surrounded the earth.  As the suns shortwave radia-
tion passed through it, the radiation would be diffused or scattered in many directions.  A greenhouse or tropical 
environment was created over the entire earth.

With the protection of the greenhouse or tropical environment, plants, animals and people lived healthier, 
longer and grew much larger.

Because of mans wickedness and corruption, God sent his judgement.  He collapsed the water layer around the
earth causing the flood of Noah.  All living creatures on the earth were destroyed.  Only the dinosaurs  
from the sea and those on Noah’s arch survived.

After the water layer collapsed, the suns harmful shortwave radiation hit the earth in a more concentrated fashion.
The north and south poles no longer received heat and became cold and covered with ice.  This change in the
earths geology killed most of the remaining dinosaurs.  Also, pressure differences occurred, causing  
hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes, etc.  This killed many more dinosaurs.  Lastly, man hunted and killed 
some of the dinosaurs.

A final note.  Some dinosaurs are still alive today.  For example, alligators, crocodiles, rhinos, hippos, elephants,
whales, lizards, snakes, etc.  Because of the collapse of the water layer, these animals don’t live as long or as large
as they used to.

Next week we will begin “sleep.”  What does it mean in the scriptures?

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



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