Dinosaurs 13

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Dinosaurs
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fantastic rays

Welcome.  As we have read in Dinosaurs 12, most dinosaurs were killed during Noah’s flood.  Some sea dinosaurs
and those in Noah’s ark survived.  How did the remaining dinosaurs die and become extinct?

With the collapse of the water layer that surrounded the earth, the protection from the sun’s short wave radiation
was gone.  Heat was no longer diffused evenly around the world.  Now the suns heat was concentrated around
the center of the earth as it rotates.  What we call the equator.

As time went on, the north and south tips no longer received the suns heat and became cold and full 
of ice.  The north and south poles experience six months of continuous darkness.  Thousands of feet of ice would
be deposited in the polar regions, freezing and fossilizing plants and animals very quickly.  This is probably what
scientist call the ice age.  This change in the earth’s geological features killed most of the dinosaurs that
survived Noah’s flood.

As time went on, pressure differences occurred and electromagnetic effects occurred.  This caused hurricanes, tornados, vulcanic erruptions, lightning storms, etc.  These things also led to the extinction of
many dinosaurs.

Lastly, some of the dinosaurs were hunted and killed by man.  This is illustrated on some archeological pictograms.  See Dinosaurs 7 and 8 to view some of these pictograms.

A final point.  Some descendants of dinosaurs are still alive today.  For example, alligators, crocodiles, rhinos,
hippos, elephants, whales, lizards, snakes, frogs, etc.  Because the lush, tropical environment that covered the
earth no longer exists, most of these animals don’t live as long or grow as large as dinosaurs.

Next week, the conclusion to dinosaurs.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



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