Dinosaurs 10

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Dinosaurs
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fantastic rays

Last week we read that the earth was once surrounded by a layer of water, causing a greenhouse or tropical
environment over the entire earth.  Let’s look at the archeological evidence that supports this theory.

Fossilized palm trees have been discovered on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Fossilized remains of tropical forests and gigantic fruit trees were discovered in the New Siberian Islands, north of

Fossilized palm tree leaves that are ten to twelve feet in length have been discovered in the Spitsbergen Islands,
north of Norway which is next to Sweden.

Fossilized forests with tree trunks over three feet in diameter have been discovered near the South Pole, which is
normally blanked with snow and ice.

The fossilized evidence of tropical trees and forests discovered in the cold and snowy climates of  
today suggests that the earth was once entirely tropic.

Next week we will continue with the fossilized evidence that animals grew much larger in the young tropical earth.
The following week we will read what destroyed the water layer.  What changed the earth and killed the dinosaurs.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



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