Dinosaurs 8

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Dinosaurs
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fantastic rays

This week let’s continue reading the archeological evidence that dinosaurs lived with man.

In Utah, the North American Anasazi Indians, lived between 150BC and 200AD.  On a stone wall was found a
brownish image that looks like a Brontosaurus dinosaur.

In the American rain forest there is a wall with an etching of a dinosaur surrounded by human hunters.

In the jungle of Cambodia are temples and palaces from the Khmer civilization.  The Ta Prohm temple abounds
with gray statues and detailed wall carvings.  They depict familiar animals like monkeys, deer, parrots and lizards.
However, one column contains a carving of a Stegosaurus dinosaur creature.  You might think this image is a
rhinoaurus but a rhino doesn’t have spiked plates on its back.

In 1924, an excavation near Tucson, AZ uncovered a sword with a Brachiosaurus dinosaur depiction.

Also, in the 1990’s, North Carolina State University, Mary Schweitzer discovered blood vessels in the bones of a
Montana Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur.  She found an area of the bone that was still soft and contained blood cells.
Personally, I believe this would be impossible if dinosaurs are 65 million years old.  I believe dinosaur fossils are
thousands of years old and dinosaurs lived with man, as the bible describes.

Next week we will read a theory of how dinosaurs went extinct.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



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