fantastic rays

As we have read, the bible describes two dinosaurs in detail.  The dinosaurs are the behemoth and the leviathan.

There are other dinosaurs that aren’t mentioned in the bible.  For example, the Pterosaur “flying lizard” and the
Woolly Mammoth.  Archaeologist have discovered intact mummies of the hairy mammoth, which is an elephant
type creature that was discovered in Siberia, Alaska and Canada.

As we have read, dinosaurs were alive at the time of Job.  This means they were not killed during the flood.  Job
lived long after the flood.  This also means dinosaurs lived with man.

Dinosaurs were probably created at the time of Genesis.  Noah’s Ark could have carried dinosaur eggs or young
dinosaurs.  Also, some dinosaurs were amphibian and lived in the water during the flood.

Now, let’s begin to read the archaeological evidence that dinosaurs lived with man.

In the 1930’s, Inca, Peru, 1100 burial stones were uncovered.  About one third of them have pictograms of dino-
saurs.  One pictogram shows a Triceratop and a Tyrannosaurus Rex type creature.

Pottery was discovered from the Nasca culture of Peru (700AD).  The pottery shows dinosaur pictograms.  One is
the Moche Tribes stirrup-spout pots.  They show pictures of a large dragon or reptile creature that looks like a

Next week we will read more archaeological evidence that dinosaurs lived with man.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.





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