fantastic rays

Welcome.  We have read that the leviathan expelled fire from his mouth and poured smoke from his nostrils.  Let’s
try to answer how this might be possible.

Currently, there is one animal that emits a flame.  It is the Bombardier Beetle of Central America.  The beetle pro-
duces a mixture of hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide.  The mixture heats up to 212 degrees fahrenheit and is
ejected from the beetles hind end for protection.  The emission looks like a spark of fire.

Also, many fossil dinosaur skulls contain an unexplained empty passages.  It may be possible that these empty pas-
sages were “gas tanks.”  They could have contained a combustible mixture used to emit a flame?

Are there any dinosaur fossils that resemble the leviathan?  The Spinosaurus seems to be very close.  It is a swim-
ming dinosaur with a crocodile type snout but much larger.  The Spinosaurus is bigger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
In fact, the Spinosaurus is the largest dinosaur ever discovered.

As we have read in Dinosaurs 3, Job 41:33  Nothing on earth is his equal- a ceature without fear.

The leviathan, with his humped back, is pictured swimming in the above picture.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.


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