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Posted: July 31, 2014 in Number of Days
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God has no preset number of days for each Christian to live.  Are there any exceptions?

Many early prophets lived much longer than people today.  I don’t know if they had a predetermined number of
days to live, but God kept them alive until his purpose was complete.  Remember, God only has a specific plan for a
few people in history.  Most people should find their spiritual gifts and serve God that way.  See Mission on the left
side of this page for more explanation.

Also, in the early days of the world, many people lived longer because sin was very young.  There was no genetic-
ally inherited disease, no pollution, etc.  Here are a few examples of people living longer in the early days of the
world.  Genesis 9:29  Noah lived 950 years. Genesis 11:11  Shem (one of Noah’s sons) lived 500 years.  Arphaxed lived
403 years.  Abraham lived 175 years.

Another thought, although God doesn’t have a preset number of days to life, God can intervene and prevent harm
or death when he chooses.  God may warn a person that danger is on the way or God may heal a person.  We will
read more on this when we cover healing.

A final thought, even though God doesn’t have a preset number of days to life, God does know when a person’s life
will end.  God is OMNISCIENT (all knowing).  Luke 12:7  And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.

Next week we will conclude our study on Number of Days.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.


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    God bless!

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