fantastic rays

CONCLUSION:  Based on scripture, the sky proclaims the work of God’s hand.  The whole earth is full of his glory.
Nature speaks so loudly of God’s glory, that men are without excuse.

Many third world tribe members are in tune with nature.  Nature speaks to them of a great creator or great spirit.
They see the testimony of creation and know someone greater than themselves had to create their surroundings.
They can know the great spirit because they are not distracted by the things of modern society.

By believing and opening their hearts to the Great Spirit/Holy Spirit, they allow the Holy Spirit to live
in them and cover their sinful souls with his righteousness.

The Holy Spirit may even counsel or communicate with them.  If so, probably in away that uses nature and natural

Again, as we read in “Point of Salvation,” the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is the actual point of salva-
tion.  Yes, many third world tribe members, who have never heard of Jesus, have received salvation
and are living in heaven today. 

Next week we will begin “Holy Spirit speaks.”  A study about how the Holy Spirit speaks to believers.  This will be
our final study concerning the Holy Spirit.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.




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