fantastic rays

Last week we read that nature itself speaks of God’s glory.  Nature speaks so loudly of God’s glory, that men
are without excuse.

Many third world tribe members are one with nature.  Also, many early American Indians were one with nature.
Nature spoke to them of one greater than themselves.  Someone had to create this magnificent sur-
roundings.  They even spoke of the Great Spirit.

Here’s one example.  Early American Coast Indians had an abundance of shellfish for food.  They considered the
shellfish a gift from God and no part of the gift should be wasted.  Therefore, after eating the insides, they used
the shells as scoops, spatulas and tools.  They also used the shells to make jewelry and necklaces.

Although early American Indians may have never known Jesus or the characteristics of God, they knew a great
spirit.  By believing or having faith in the Great Creator or Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit lived in them 
and covered their sinful souls.

Again, as we have read in “Point of Salvation”, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is the actual Point of Sal-
vation.  Yes, many third world tribe members and early American Indians, who have never heard of
Jesus, have received salvation and are living in heaven today.

Next week we will conclude Third World Tribes.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.


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    A Good example of “Faith”. God Bless. Hope you’ll be Inspired.

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