Point of Salvation 22

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Point of Salvation
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Welcome, this is our final post on Point of Salvation.

CONCLUSION 2:  The Israelite believers performed animal sacrifices to demonstrate their belief in God, but it was
their faith or belief in God that allowed them to receive the Holy Spirit.  It is the receiving of the Holy Spirit that
brought salvation to the Israelites.

Jesus, a spiritual being and alive before the creation of the world, came to fulfill and put an end to the symbolic
ritual of sacrificing animals.  The sacrificing of animals was to make atonement for the death that is due sinful man.
Jesus was the final sacrifice, the final shedding of blood, the final atonement for the death that was due sinful

Although Jesus is the son of God and completely righteous, omnipresent, and omnipotent, his dying on the cross
was symbolic.  It was symbolic like the Israelite animal sacrifices were symbolic.  It is ones belief in Jesus or
having faith in Jesus that allows the Holy Spirit to dwell within the believer, covering their sinful 
souls with his righteousness.  Now, any true believer in Jesus can enter heaven after their earthly life.
The believer in Jesus has received salvation.

As we have read, before the time of Jesus and after the time of Jesus, receiving the Holy Spirit is the
actual POINT OF SALVATION.  The Holy Spirit has covered the souls of all believers with his right-
eousness since the creation of man. 

The difference is that the Holy Spirit wasn’t released  in his fullness until after the resurrection of
Jesus.  The counseling side or communication side of the Holy Spirit wasn’t released until after the
resurrection of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit used to counsel and communicate only with the prophets and
high priests.  Now he counsels and communicates with all believers.  He is now known as
“the Counselor”and can reach all mankind.

Next week we will be reading Third World Tribes.  Can third world tribe members be saved if they never heard of
Jesus?  I promise, this study will not be nearly as long as the one we have just completed.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



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