Point of Salvation 18

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Point of Salvation
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Last week we concluded that the actual Point of Salvation takes place when a person is filled with the Holy Spirit.  If
this is true, why did Jesus Christ come to earth, live his life, die on the cross and rise from the grave?  There are
many reasons.

First of all, Jesus came to fulfill the symbolic ritual of sacrificing an animal without defect.  This was
to make atonement for the death that was due sinful man.  Jesus was perfect and without defect.  He was
the final sacrifice.  Never again is an animal to be sacrificed as an atonement for the sins of mankind.

Secondly, Jesus, who is spirit, and alive before the earth was formed, came to earth to put a face on God.  He
showed man the character of God.  He showed man an example of God.  He showed man the incredible love of God.

John 14:7  “If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well.  From now on, you do know him and have
seen him.

John 14:9  “Anyone who sees me has seen the Father.”

Colossians 1:15  He is the image of the invisible God, the first born over all creation.

Hebrews 1 :3  The Son is the radiance of Gods glory and the exact representation of his being, …

Seeing a physical representation of God and knowing the character of God makes it easier to believe in God.  When
you believe in Jesus and God, you automatically receive the Holy Spirit which is the actual Point of Salvation.

Next week, we will look at 4 more reasons Jesus lived his human life, died on the cross and rose from the grave.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.




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