Prosperity 9

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Prosperity
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Welcome.  Let’s review Prosperity 1-8.  Based on scripture, there are 5 basic principles that lead to prosperity.

FIRST PRINCIPLE:  GIVE TO OTHERS.  God rewards you for your kindness, for helping your fellow man.  Also,
God blesses the giver because he knows the giver won’t hoard the blessings.  God can work in partnership with
the giver to meet a need or needs.

SECOND PRINCIPLE:  WORK.  God will rarely help you become prosperous without you earning it.

THIRD PRINCIPLE:  INVEST.  Little by little, investing money to earn interest and dividends brings prosperity.

FOURTH PRINCIPLE:  PURSUE GOD AND LISTEN FOR GOD.  Listening to God’s council, his knowledge and wis-
dom, helps you make good decisions regarding your finances.

FIFTH PRINCIPLE:  PURSUE GOD’S COMMANDS.  If you obey God’s commands, you will live a happier life, a
healthier life and a longer life.  As a result, you can give more, you can work more and you can invest more.

If you follow these 5 principles of prosperity you will be prosperous.  You may not be as prosperous as another
person but you will be prosperous.  Also, a person in a third world country will have a different level of prosperity
than a person in a modern country.  Prosperity to a herdsman may be having a full flock of animals.  Prosperity
to a business man may be having a good job to support his family and some money in the bank for emergency

Also, however prosperous you become you can’t take it from this world.  Do not love money.  Whoever loves
wealth will never be satisfied.  People who want to get rich can fall into many temptations and harmful desires.
The love of money can lead you away from the faith.

Next week, we will begin reading about tongues.  Is speaking in tongues biblical?

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



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