In Coincidence 1-6 we read that there are such things as random accidence.  We also read that good things
happen to people that come from God and bad things happen that come from Satan.  We read that if you put
on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD (righteousness, faith, salvation, the word of God and prayer) as well as CONTINUAL-
LY LISTENING to the Holy Spirit there is protection from Satan and those who do evil.

Now let’s look at Christians that get cancer or other diseases and die at a young age.  Why aren’t they protected?
Many diseases are genetic.  We are born with them or a disposition toward them.  Such genetic diseases are part
of the curse of living in a fallen world since the time of Adam and Eve.

Romans 5:12  Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man (Adam), and death through sin, and in
this way death came to all men, BECAUSE ALL SINNED-


Although sin brought spiritual death, SIN ALSO EFFECTS PHYSICAL HEALTH.  Sin is doing wrong according to
God.  He knows what is good for a person and going against him brings spiritual death as well as physical harm.

Let’s look at some examples.  If a pregnant woman uses drugs, it often damages the health and genetics of the
baby.  As that baby grows, he/she may have physical disease by no fault of their own.

Another person may give into the sin of Gluttony and eat too much.  This person becomes overweight and
developes diabetes or heart disease.  If this person has a child, the genetic disposition to diabetes or heart
disease is much higher.  Gluttony has been a sin that has occurred since biblical times.

A final example, a person may sin in the area of greed and build houses on known toxic land.  Those that live
in the houses may acquire diseases that effect them as well as family members for generations to come.  Often,
when the genome is damaged it is passed on to the offspring as a damaged genome forever.

God can heal physical disease but for specific reasons he may or may not.  The reasons will be read about when
we study “physical healing.”

A final note, God may counsel a person on how to eat healthy, plenty of fruits and vegetables and less fatty foods
and preservatives.  He may also counsel you to exercise moderately and get plenty of sleep.  These things can
prevent many diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  In Daniel 1:12  Daniel was granted permission
by the King to give his servants nothing but vegetables and water for 10 days.  After 10 days they looked health-
ier than any of the young men eating the royal food.

Next week we will conclude our study on coincidence before we begin our study of the Trinity.

Thank you so much for reading.  God bless.



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