Coincidence 6

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Coincidence
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         COINCIDENCE 6

Last week we read that believers who put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD and believers who LISTEN TO THE LORD
will be protected from the devil, his fallen angels and those that do evil.

As we stated last week, many Christians go to church, do good things and even pray to God but they don’t
listen to his voice (Holy Spirit).  They don’t hear his warnings or his instructions to remain safe.

God does not want believers to be more concerned about watering the lawn, or washing the car, or buying a
house, or getting a job, or caring for a family over their relationship with him.  These things aren’t in and of
themselves bad, but God wants your relationship with him to be first.  Those that put God first will hear from him
concerning their lawn, their car, their house, their job, and their family.  THEY WILL HEAR FROM GOD CONCERN-

God wants a Christian to take their relationship with him to a DEEPER LEVEL, an advanced level, where you don’t
just pray to him but you continually listen to his voice (Holy Spirit).  When you increase your sensitivity to God’s
voice you can hear his warnings and instructions on how to remain safe.

Here are a few examples of how God may warn a Christian or give instructions to a Christian to remain safe.  A
Christian may witness to prostitutes on a regular basis.  If the Christian is listening to God, he/she may be warned
not to go to the streets on a particular night.  There may be an unknown danger that night.  God may give a
person signs to watch their diet so that physical disease (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) doesn’t come their way.
God may give a Christian general guidelines like staying out of the downtown areas after dark.  God may tell you
to live a quiet life and not be confrontational.

Next week we will look at another example.  We will also look at people that get diseases like Cancer,
Multiple Sclerosis, etc.  The following week, we will look at why the desciples of Christ were martyred if protec-
tion is guaranteed.  After a conclusion, we will begin our study of the Trinity.

Thank you so much for reading.  I hope your relationship with God is growing to a deeper level.  God bless.



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