Jonah 5

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Jonah
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         JONAH 5

Welcome and thanks for reading.  Last week we read that a whale has 3 chambers in its stomach.  Jonah
was probably held in the first stomach or forestomach which has no digestive juices.

Next, how did Jonah eat, sleep and breath while in the whales stomach?

First, how did Jonah eat?  This would not be a big problem.  Depending on a persons body weight, MOST
PEOPLE CAN GO 3 WEEKS WITHOUT FOOD.  Mahatma Gandhi, a nonviolent campaigner for India’s free-
dom, survived 21 days before eating.

Also, Jonah could have eaten a small amount of raw krill which is a main source of food for a whale.  In
Japan and Russia krill is used for human consumption.  The only problem is that too much salt water
mixed with the krill would probably make Jonah sick.

Secondly, how did Jonah drink?  MOST PEOPLE CAN SURVIVE 3 – 7 DAYS WITHOUT WATER, depending
on the temperature.  No doubt, Jonah was dehydrated when he was spit out of the whale onto dry land.

Lastly, how did Jonah breath for three days?  Whales breath through a blowhole on top of their head.
The blowhole leads to the whale’s trachea and then to its lungs.  There is no connection to the whale’s
stomach.  Therefore, no air can reach the whale’s stomach.  Also, whales cannot breath through their

Again, if no air can reach a whale’s stomach, how did Jonah breath for 3 days?   The answer is in
Jonah 2:5  “The engulfing waters threatened me, the deep surrounded me;  SEAWEED WAS WRAPPED
AROUND MY HEAD.”  Seaweed is a great producer of oxygen.  Marine plants produce between 70 and
80 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere.  Trees and land plants are important for survival, but man
could not survive without algae.  I believe God provided enough seaweed in the whale’s stomach for
Jonah to breath for 3 days.

We have read that Jonah could have survived in a whale for 3 days without food and water.  Also, God
provided enough seaweed for Jonah to breath for three days.  No doubt, Jonah was not in perfect
health when he was spit out of the whale onto dry land.  We will read more on this next week.

Next week, we will also read scriptural proof that Jonah and the whale was not just a good story.  It was
an actual event.

Thanks you so much for reading.  God bless.



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